• Application to winemaking residues

    Application to winemaking residues

    Industrial implementation of processes for the recovery of high added-value compounds from food by-products. Despite huge efforts in the field, the products derived from food by-products remain still rather limited. In a recent…

  • Nanotechnologies, ongoing applications

    Nanotechnologies, ongoing applications

    New food products and, mainly, packaging materials offering better performances. Nanotechnologies are breaking through even in the food industry, giving rise to concerns for human health and the environment. New applications do not…

  • Climate and safeguarding the planet

    Climate and safeguarding the planet

    As the year just ended drew to a close, an extraordinary event took place that could lay the foundation for a slowdown in climate change. What occurred in Paris during the first days…

  • Technology and quality aimed at grapes

    Technology and quality aimed at grapes

    The first Ca’ del Bosco white wine was produced in 1973 and was the start of an unending pursuit of quality, discipline, innovation, and respect for the land By Nicoletta Morabito Rolling hills…

  • Quality markers, measuring food quality

    Quality markers, measuring food quality

    No longer an abstract concept but a measurable method that uses mathematical models to optimize processes. Also the identification of quality markers and the analysis of their dynamics can provide objective answers for…

  • Stabilization, not only high temperatures

    Stabilization, not only high temperatures

    Thermal treatments are not the only system suitable for food stabilization. All alternatives tend to retain the nutritional and organoleptic properties of food products, without jeopardizing the hygiene and health safety. Among the…

Flour cooling systems

Flour cooling systems

Agriflex is focusing on flour temperature control in the dough mixing room, which is crucial to ensure constant and optimum quality, both in industrial and small-scale production of baked goods. The company proposes…

Vertical packaging machines

Vertical packaging machines

Unitec Intelligent Packaging is the Packaging Division of Unitec: initially the company specialised in the packaging of fruit and vegetable products, but then extended its experience to the packaging of other food products….

Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps

Ideal for breweries with high production capacities, Bredel 25 peristaltic pumps with direct coupling are exclusively distributed by Watson Marlow. Kieselguhr, a sedimentary mineral in slurry form, is a necessary part of the…

Ink-jet coding

Ink-jet coding

World Jet specialises in the production and distribution of industrial labelling and marking systems. The automatic WPA6-PL-FL system has been designed to label and trace secondary packages, single or double pallets. The printing…

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